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Court sessions for Today

Case NumberCase NameRoomBuildingTime
P1300CR201600595LIRA, MARCEL JACOB243 Camp Verde SC8:00 AM
V1300CR201880558HEDGECOCK, GLEN JOSE243 Camp Verde SC8:00 AM
V1300CR201980067VAN DAALEN-ARMIJO, CIARA INEZ243 Camp Verde SC8:00 AM
V1300FW201980039LUCERO, MANUEL ROBERT140 Camp Verde SC8:30 AM
P1300DO201900357SAUCEDO, KELLY204 Prescott Courthouse8:30 AM
P1300DO201900357SAUCEDO, MICHAEL204 Prescott Courthouse8:30 AM
V1300CV201880024N, M133 Camp Verde SC9:00 AM
V1300CV201880024Orrico, Aaron133 Camp Verde SC9:00 AM
V1300CV201880024Y, S H133 Camp Verde SC9:00 AM
V1300CR201980297SANCHEZ, ANGELA M140 Camp Verde SC9:00 AM
P1300DO201800992WYATT, ALICIA LYNN204 Prescott Courthouse9:00 AM
P1300DO201800992WYATT, RONALD STEVEN204 Prescott Courthouse9:00 AM
P1300DO201600306CASTANEDA, NICOLE MAGDALEN221 Prescott Courthouse9:00 AM
P1300DO201600306PHIPPEN, GARRETT ERNEST221 Prescott Courthouse9:00 AM
P1300DO201600306PHIPPEN, JENNIFER DENISE221 Prescott Courthouse9:00 AM
P1300DO201300092 304 Prescott Courthouse9:00 AM
P1300JV201800208 3-127 Juv Just Ctr9:00 AM
P1300JV201800278 3-127 Juv Just Ctr9:00 AM
P1300JV201800355 3-127 Juv Just Ctr9:00 AM
P1300JV201800362 3-127 Juv Just Ctr9:00 AM
P1300JV201900050 3-127 Juv Just Ctr9:00 AM
P1300JV201800291 3-127 Juv Just Ctr9:30 AM
P1300JV201800308 3-127 Juv Just Ctr9:30 AM
P1300JV201900121 3-127 Juv Just Ctr9:30 AM
P1300JV201900161 3-127 Juv Just Ctr9:30 AM
P1300JV201900185 3-127 Juv Just Ctr9:30 AM
P1300JV201900197 3-127 Juv Just Ctr9:30 AM
P1300JV201900209 3-127 Juv Just Ctr9:30 AM
P1300JV201900218 3-127 Juv Just Ctr9:30 AM
P1300JV201900219 3-127 Juv Just Ctr9:30 AM
P1300JV201900221 3-127 Juv Just Ctr9:30 AM
P1300JV201700243 3-127 Juv Just Ctr10:30 AM
P1300JV201700292 3-127 Juv Just Ctr10:30 AM
P1300JV201800080 3-127 Juv Just Ctr10:30 AM
P1300JV201800089 3-127 Juv Just Ctr10:30 AM
P1300JV201800152 3-127 Juv Just Ctr10:30 AM
P1300JV201800163 3-127 Juv Just Ctr10:30 AM
P1300JV201800222 3-127 Juv Just Ctr10:30 AM
P1300JV201800323 3-127 Juv Just Ctr10:30 AM
P1300JV201800403 3-127 Juv Just Ctr10:30 AM
P1300JV201900103 3-127 Juv Just Ctr10:30 AM
P1300JV201900104 3-127 Juv Just Ctr10:30 AM
P1300JV201900105 3-127 Juv Just Ctr10:30 AM
P1300JV201900153 3-127 Juv Just Ctr10:30 AM
P1300JV201900171DCS3-127 Juv Just Ctr10:30 AM
P1300JV201900172 3-127 Juv Just Ctr10:30 AM
P1300JV201900180 3-127 Juv Just Ctr10:30 AM
P1300JV201900181 3-127 Juv Just Ctr10:30 AM
P1300JV201900191 3-127 Juv Just Ctr10:30 AM
P1300JV201900204 3-127 Juv Just Ctr10:30 AM
P1300JV201900210 3-127 Juv Just Ctr10:30 AM
P1300JV201900211 3-127 Juv Just Ctr10:30 AM
P1300JV201900213 3-127 Juv Just Ctr10:30 AM
P1300JV201900217LEE, ROXANNE3-127 Juv Just Ctr10:30 AM
P1300JV201900222 3-127 Juv Just Ctr10:30 AM
P1300JV201900223 3-127 Juv Just Ctr10:30 AM
P1300JV201900224 3-127 Juv Just Ctr10:30 AM
P1300JV201800345 3-127 Juv Just Ctr11:30 AM
P1300JV201900168 3-127 Juv Just Ctr11:30 AM
P1300JV201900202 3-127 Juv Just Ctr11:30 AM
P1300JV201900203 3-127 Juv Just Ctr11:30 AM
P1300DO201900468GANADEN, MIKAEL204 Prescott Courthouse1:30 PM
P1300DO201900468WADSWORTH, AMELIA204 Prescott Courthouse1:30 PM
V1300DO201380100GRIFFITHS, ASHLEY ELAINE221 Prescott Courthouse1:30 PM
V1300DO201380100WILLIAMS, CLAYTON RAY221 Prescott Courthouse1:30 PM
P1300CR201801621NORMAN, ZACARY ALLAN407 Prescott Courthouse2:00 PM
P1300CR201900738NORMAN, ZACARY ALLAN407 Prescott Courthouse2:00 PM
V1300CR201980333NORMAN, ZACARY ALLAN407 Prescott Courthouse2:00 PM
V1300CR201480025MCMILLEN, SKYLAR VANDALE140 Camp Verde SC4:00 PM
V1300CR201680465CHACON, VICTOR RENEE140 Camp Verde SC4:00 PM
V1300CR201880242MADISON, MARY ALICE140 Camp Verde SC4:00 PM
V1300CR201880591CHATTER, TYLER DAN140 Camp Verde SC4:00 PM
P1300CR201300888ESPINOSA, RYAN MICHAEL407 Prescott Courthouse4:00 PM
P1300CR201501442EDWARDS, QUINCY CURTIS ROBERT407 Prescott Courthouse4:00 PM
P1300CR201600548ESPINOSA, RYAN MICHAEL407 Prescott Courthouse4:00 PM
P1300CR201700161HEATON, CHANCE JACOB407 Prescott Courthouse4:00 PM
P1300CR201700342THOMASON, JAMIE LYNN407 Prescott Courthouse4:00 PM
P1300CR201701169ARSENAULT, RICHARD DALE407 Prescott Courthouse4:00 PM
P1300CR201701170ARSENAULT, RICHARD DALE407 Prescott Courthouse4:00 PM
P1300CR201701269NIELSEN, JOHNATHAN KEITH407 Prescott Courthouse4:00 PM
P1300CR201701377ARSENAULT, RICHARD DALE407 Prescott Courthouse4:00 PM
P1300CR201701480TURNER, JULIE DANIELLE407 Prescott Courthouse4:00 PM
P1300CR201800172NOBLE SR , DENVER ALLEN407 Prescott Courthouse4:00 PM
P1300CR201800553TURNER, JULIE DANIELLE407 Prescott Courthouse4:00 PM
P1300CR201800617KLARAS, BENJAMIN BRYANT407 Prescott Courthouse4:00 PM
P1300CR201800841HOFFMAN, MEGANN ALLYS407 Prescott Courthouse4:00 PM
P1300CR201801167COSTANZI, HAYLEE ROMELLE407 Prescott Courthouse4:00 PM
P1300CR201900096REMINGTON, GARRETTE ELLIOTT407 Prescott Courthouse4:00 PM
V1300CR201880073CASTRO, KEEYINN LEIGH407 Prescott Courthouse4:00 PM
V1300CR201880370DRAUDT, MELISSA LOUISE407 Prescott Courthouse4:00 PM

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