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Court sessions for Today

Case NumberCase NameRoomBuildingTime
P1300CR202100669DERENIA, CHRISTINA LYNN226 Camp Verde SC8:00 AM
P1300CR202101080CROCHETT, SASHENNA PO-FE226 Camp Verde SC8:00 AM
P1300CR202101081OWENS, CONNOR SAM-WESLEY226 Camp Verde SC8:00 AM
P1300CR202101082GLINES, RACHAEL ARLENE226 Camp Verde SC8:00 AM
P1300CR202101084CASTRO, JEREMIAH JORDAN226 Camp Verde SC8:00 AM
P1300CR202101086AYERS-OKORIE, NAOMI YVONNE226 Camp Verde SC8:00 AM
P1300CR202101094CAMPA, GABRIEL226 Camp Verde SC8:00 AM
V1300CR202180010GREY, CLIFFORD SANTEO226 Camp Verde SC8:00 AM
V1300CR202180357WALLACE, TRENT CLEVELAND226 Camp Verde SC8:00 AM
V1300CR202180423GREY, CLIFFORD SANTEO226 Camp Verde SC8:00 AM
V1300CR202180458WILLIS, TABITHA LYNN226 Camp Verde SC8:00 AM
V1300CR202180459RUARK, KIANNA MARIE226 Camp Verde SC8:00 AM
V1300CR202180460MENDOZA, PERLA226 Camp Verde SC8:00 AM
V1300CR202180461ORTIZ-GUZMAN, MARIA LUISA226 Camp Verde SC8:00 AM
V1300CR202180462BLAKELY, JOSEPH JAMES226 Camp Verde SC8:00 AM
V1300CR202180464DEGROAT, WILBUR SCOTT226 Camp Verde SC8:00 AM
V1300CR202180468FLORES, JUAN CARLOS226 Camp Verde SC8:00 AM
V1300FW202180042PING, LANCE MICHAEL140 Camp Verde SC8:30 AM
P1300DO202100110SCOTT, DEREK M204 Prescott Courthouse8:30 AM
P1300DO202100110SCOTT, NICHOLE M204 Prescott Courthouse8:30 AM
V1300CV202080042MULCAIRE, KRISTI LEANN104 Prescott Courthouse9:00 AM
V1300CV202080042MULCAIRE, THOMAS PIERRE104 Prescott Courthouse9:00 AM
V1300CV202080042WILLIAMSON, MARIANNE DILLON104 Prescott Courthouse9:00 AM
P1300DO202100343IBARRA, MERCEDES ALYSIA133 Camp Verde SC9:00 AM
P1300DO202100343TORRES III, ARTHUR TAMAYO133 Camp Verde SC9:00 AM
V1300DO201880435BONNER, JESSIKAH ANN133 Camp Verde SC9:00 AM
V1300DO201880435WEST, PATRICK DAVID133 Camp Verde SC9:00 AM
V1300DO202180134KARM, COURTNEY ANN133 Camp Verde SC9:00 AM
V1300DO202180134WEBB, MICHAEL DOUGLAS133 Camp Verde SC9:00 AM
V1300DO820030520RUISI KIM MARIE133 Camp Verde SC9:00 AM
V1300DO820030520STEVENS, DAVID133 Camp Verde SC9:00 AM
V1300CR201880022CLINE, KRISTA MARIE140 Camp Verde SC9:00 AM
P1300DO202100255JORDAN, JOHN M204 Prescott Courthouse9:00 AM
P1300DO202100255JORDAN, MEGAN S204 Prescott Courthouse9:00 AM
P1300JV201900302 3-127 Juv Just Ctr9:00 AM
P1300JV202100019 3-127 Juv Just Ctr9:00 AM
P1300JV202100074 3-127 Juv Just Ctr9:15 AM
V1300CR202180108MARTINS, ADAM NATHANIEL140 Camp Verde SC9:30 AM
P1300JV202100162 3-127 Juv Just Ctr9:30 AM
P1300JV202100163 3-127 Juv Just Ctr9:30 AM
V1300DO202080111VILLA, JR, EDWARD133 Camp Verde SC10:30 AM
V1300DO202080111ZUHLKE, LIGIA E133 Camp Verde SC10:30 AM
V1300DO202180114QUINONES, ENRIQUES133 Camp Verde SC10:30 AM
V1300DO202180114RUIZ, AJENNA BRITTNEY133 Camp Verde SC10:30 AM
P1300JV201900241 3-127 Juv Just Ctr11:00 AM
P1300JV202000061 3-127 Juv Just Ctr11:00 AM
P1300JV202000124 3-127 Juv Just Ctr11:00 AM
P1300JV202000128 3-127 Juv Just Ctr11:00 AM
P1300JV202100050 3-127 Juv Just Ctr11:00 AM
P1300JV202100147 3-127 Juv Just Ctr11:00 AM
P1300JV202100158 3-127 Juv Just Ctr11:00 AM
P1300JV202100164 3-127 Juv Just Ctr11:00 AM
P1300JV202100165 3-127 Juv Just Ctr11:30 AM
P1300CR202100609SPENCER, REGINALD J226 Camp Verde SC1:00 PM
P1300CR202100705SAGARNAGA JR, JERRY GERONIMO226 Camp Verde SC1:00 PM
P1300CR202100823PACHECO, MARLA226 Camp Verde SC1:00 PM
P1300CR202100830REGER, ROBERT WAYNE226 Camp Verde SC1:00 PM
P1300CR202100835STONE, EDWIN PELGONE226 Camp Verde SC1:00 PM
P1300CR202100869ROCKHOLD, APRIL KELLY226 Camp Verde SC1:00 PM
P1300CR202100881WHITE, ERIC MITCHELL226 Camp Verde SC1:00 PM
P1300CR202100915MAYNARD, KORTT RYAN226 Camp Verde SC1:00 PM
P1300CR202101083LONGARDNER, KEVIN SHANE226 Camp Verde SC1:00 PM
P1300CR202101085HEGEL, DAVID EDWARD226 Camp Verde SC1:00 PM
P1300CR202101087WALKER, TIMOTHY K226 Camp Verde SC1:00 PM
P1300CR202101092MCDERMOTT V, EDMUND LEO226 Camp Verde SC1:00 PM
V1300CR202180367DIAZ-GARCIA, HEVER ALEJANDRO226 Camp Verde SC1:00 PM
V1300CR202180383MARTIN, MATTHEW RYAN226 Camp Verde SC1:00 PM
V1300CR202180457TEJEDA JR, MARIO ESTRADA226 Camp Verde SC1:00 PM
V1300CR202180466PICKETT, RICHARD ORLIE226 Camp Verde SC1:00 PM
V1300DO201780036VILLALOBOS, RAMIRO133 Camp Verde SC1:30 PM
V1300DO201780036VILLALOBOS, RUBY133 Camp Verde SC1:30 PM
P1300DO202000693KING, AARON ROSS204 Prescott Courthouse1:30 PM
P1300DO202000693KING, SHARON ANGIE204 Prescott Courthouse1:30 PM
V1300DO201980275HUGHES, DEBORAH DAWN243 Camp Verde SC1:30 PM
V1300DO201980275HUGHES, MARK JAMES243 Camp Verde SC1:30 PM
P1300JV202000212 3-127 Juv Just Ctr1:30 PM
P1300JV202100021 3-127 Juv Just Ctr1:30 PM
P1300JV202100030 3-127 Juv Just Ctr1:30 PM
P1300JV202100142 3-127 Juv Just Ctr1:30 PM
P1300JV201900121 3-127 Juv Just Ctr2:00 PM
P1300JV201900209 3-127 Juv Just Ctr2:00 PM
P1300JV201900218 3-127 Juv Just Ctr2:00 PM
P1300JV201900221 3-127 Juv Just Ctr2:00 PM
P1300JV202000195 3-127 Juv Just Ctr2:00 PM
P1300JV202100133 3-127 Juv Just Ctr2:00 PM
V1300CR202180245CARNS, STEVEN LEE140 Camp Verde SC2:30 PM
P1300DO202100164GARSIDE, TAYLOR MCKENZIE104 Prescott Courthouse3:00 PM
P1300DO202100164RIPLEY, DANIEL BENJAMIN104 Prescott Courthouse3:00 PM
V1300CR201980473CALANDRA, DAMON JOSEPH140 Camp Verde SC3:00 PM
V1300CR202080471STEWART, JAMES EDWARD140 Camp Verde SC4:00 PM
V1300CR820070677PATTERSON, PAMELA KAY140 Camp Verde SC4:00 PM

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