attention All 2016 and prior real estate property taxes must be paid by cashier's check, money order or credit card. Please contact our office at 928-771-3233.
General Information:
Valuations and assessment percentages are established by the Yavapai County Assessor. Questions regarding valuations should be directed to the Assessor’s Office at 928-771-3220 or e-mail their office at Questions on tax exemptions or senior value freeze should also be directed to the Assessor’s Office.
If you have questions regarding an increase in your tax rates, please contact the appropriate taxing jurisdictions. The jurisdiction phone numbers are on the back of your original tax notice. If you do not have your original tax notice, please call the Treasurer's office at 928-771-3233 for the phone number of the jurisdiction you wish to contact.
If you receive a tax bill for property that does not belong to you, please return the bill to the County Treasurer's Office with current owner's address, if known.
The service provided on this web site will enable you to search property tax records from the Yavapai County Treasurer System. You will be able to search by Parcel Number or Taxpayer Number, Owner Name, and Owner Address.

The information is provided as a courtesy and MAY NOT reflect all property tax records because the information is updated on a nightly basis.
Taxes Due:
First half taxes are due October 1st, and are delinquent after November 1st of the current tax year (example: 2017 first half taxes are delinquent after November 1st, 2017).
Second half taxes are due March 1st, and are delinquent after May 1st of the year following the current tax year (example: 2017 second half taxes are delinquent after May 1st, 2018).
There is also the option to pay the full year amount billed, in one payment by December 31st of the current tax year, and you will not be charged any interest or fees on the first half (example: 2017 full year payments must be paid by December 31st, 2017).
If the delinquency date is a Saturday or Sunday or other legal holiday, the time of the delinquency is after 5:00 p.m. on the next business day. This does not apply to the one full year December 31st payment deadline.
If you miss a deadline you will be charged interest at the rate of 16% annual prorated at 1.333% per month as of the first day of the month. Additional fees may also be charged.
Tax Payment Information
Make checks payable to Yavapai County Treasurer and print your parcel number(s) or taxpayer numbers(s) on the check.
If you have a payment stub from your bill, please include it with your payment and send your check to: Yavapai County Treasurer, 1015 Fair Street, Prescott, AZ 86305.
Tax bills are mailed once a year in late September. If you do not have a bill by October 1st of every year, please contact our office. Arizona State Law mandates the individual is responsible to obtain the necessary information for payments. The Treasurer cannot excuse penalties and/or interest because a taxpayer did not receive a bill.
Yavapai County property tax bills are based on a calendar year and are billed in arrears.
Payment of taxes must be in United States Funds and payable through a United States Bank.
Payments to redeem tax liens on back taxes must be in the form of a cashier’s check, money order or cash. Please contact the Yavapai County Treasurer’s Office for amounts due.
Examine your tax bill carefully. The Treasurer is not responsible for payments on wrong property.
Property taxes can be paid through our service provider, Point & Pay, LLC. To pay on-line go to Pay Online or call 1-866-974-2056. Point and Pay, LLC fees are charged as follows:
   • Payment by Visa Debit Card is $3.95.
   • For all other debit and credit cards, the fee is 2.5% of the amount you are charging with a $2.00 minimum.
   • Payment by electronic check is $2.95.
The Visa Debit Card and Electronic Check options are only available on-line. Be sure to pay the exact amount due. An overpayment will result in a voided transaction. To verify your amount due, please call the Yavapai County Treasurer's Office at (928) 771-3233.
Legal payment exists only when checks have cleared banks. Returned checks are subject to a $20 collection fee
Reminders for second half taxes are not mailed. If taxes remain unpaid, interest will accrue and a delinquent notice will be mailed out in June.